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The Cedar Lake Summerfest was started in 1981; Florence Wahlberg, Eileen Hunley, Sue Summers, Karen Dowler, and Mary Joan Dickson all wanted to share their community with others. Cedar Lake was once a very popular sought out destination for people in the past. This group of ladies joined a very popular movement, promoting your community with a festival.  Hoping to bring people back to Cedar Lake and celebrate their memories and make new ones. Working with the Park Board the first gathering was a Town Wide Picnic. It featured a local band, food vendors which included;  Elephant Ears, BBQ sandwiches, refreshments, and games for all ages. The softball tournament had teams represented by the Fire Department, Police Department, Town Hall, and Public Works.

The second year the Fraternal Order of Police joined the efforts and provided a few children rides, a beer garden, fireworks, and additional food booths.  In 1983 the Cedar Lake Summerfest Committee was organized to run and operate the festival. The Town Manager served as the Chairman numerous town employees and Town Council were recruit to serve on the Summerfest Committee.  About in 1986, the new Town Manager did not serve on the Summerfest Committee, but served as a Liaison. The committee consist of dedicated citizens that were determined celebrate their community with local residents and visitors.  A Resolution was developed between the Committee and Town Council to work together to provide this festive event for the residents. 

The balance of the operating budget is financed through our very supportive donors which consist of businesses, organizations and families. This festival could not exist without its donors and volunteers.

Summerfest in the past have included events such as; Water Ball, Bucket Brigade, Mud Wrestling, Helicopter Rides, Bus tours of the Community, and Boat Rides.  Each and every year the Committee works to bring new events and programs to the festival. Boom, the festival mascot was added a few years ago and brings such to joy to all in attendance.

We offer a great variety of activities for all ages. Over thousands people are in attendance each year. The Cedar Lake Summerfest is a fourth of July festival.  We offer a great opportunity for the family to celebrate our country's independence. Festival hours vary daily. There is no admission fee but there is a $5.00 donation for parking. The festival is held on the shore of our 800 acre lake in the Lake of the Red Cedars Park, an 18 acre park.

Activities that we offer are Live Entertainment, 2 nights of Fireworks on the lake, Bingo, Car Show, Talent Show, Kids Games, Cardboard Boat Race, Amusement Rides, Food, Games, Land Parade, Beer Garden and much more.

Meeting Dates

The Cedar Lake Summerfest meets the fourth Monday of the month at the Cedar Lake Chamber of commerce At 7:00 P.M. Anyone who would like to become involved in the annual FOURTH OF JULY FESTIVAL and be a volunteer, for more information please contact us.

We all have busy schedules, people work in many different jobs and other organizations, and almost everyone has a little time to do something.  Meetings involve teamwork.   We are hoping that you will be one of our team players and help us look for better ways to address the needs of making the 37th Annual Cedar Lake Summerfest for the year 2018 the best one ever.  This year Cedar Lake Summerfest will start on wednesday July the 4th, 2018 and end on Sunday July 8th, 2018.

We need your help PLEASE join us at the Cedar Lake Chamber of commerce at 7:00 pm on the following Mondays evenings dates and any other meetings deemed necessary.


22, 2018-Monday
26, 2018-Monday
26, 2018-Monday
23, 2018-Monday
28, 2018-Monday
25, 2018-Monday



23, 2018-Monday
27, 2018-Monday
24, 2018- Monday
22, 2018- Monday
26, 2018- Monday
?, 2018- Monday
Meeting Dates subject to change or extra meeting called for.

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